Kevin Davis is a former Patheos columnist and currently writes as a hobby here on Medium. His column, SecularVoices, focused on issues affecting the atheist/non-religious/secular community. His writings have been featured or mentioned on CNN, BuzzFeed, Religion News Network, The Blaze, and many more. Kevin’s book, Understanding an Atheist, is aimed at improving relationships between the religious and their atheist loved ones and is available on Amazon. Kevin's speaking engagements include local secular groups as well as larger conventions and rallies, including the Reason Rally in Washington DC, the Ark Encounter Protest & Rally in Kentucky, and the PA State Atheist/Humanist Convention. Currently, Kevin writes about politics, religion, and all the other things you’re not supposed to bring up at the dinner table. Follow on Twitter @KevTweetsThings



Kevin Davis

Writes at ExCommunications & SecularVoices, formerly of Patheos. Author of Understanding an Atheist. Co-founder of Young Skeptics.